Vegetable Dryer

                            Vegetable Dryer
                            Product description
                            Panorama of our vegetable dryer

                            Vegetables are essential foods in life and are the source of most nutrients in the human body. Lantian Brand mesh belt vegetable dryer can drying chips or leaves vegetables, we produced lettuce drying machine, spinach drying machine and potato chips dryer machine etc, machines are have simple operation and reasonable price, which are suitable for drying large batches of crops and is very popular and popular among major merchants. 

                            Working principle
                            Working principle of our vegetable dryer

                            When red chilli drying machine, garlic dryer and ginger dryer machine are working, those material is flattened at the feed port and then transferred to the mesh belt to transfer the layers from top to bottom. And the heat energy  is transform by compressed air energy, the speed of the mesh belt, drying time and temperature are can be adjusted.

                            PLC intelligent control panel
                            PLC intelligent control panel of our vegetable dryer
                            Mesh belt dryer structural diagram and parameters
                            Structural diagram and parameters of our vegetable dryer
                            Drying effect display
                            Drying effect of our vegetable dryer
                            Machines features
                            Features of our vegetable dryer
                            Customers site
                            Customers sites of our vegetable dryer
                            Drying process
                            Drying process of our vegetable dryer

                            After materials harvesting, they need wash by our washing machines, or peeling by peeling machine, like potatoes and cassava, and then can be cut by a slicer or a dicing machine to increase the drying area and improve drying efficiency.

                            Our customers
                            Customers of our vegetable dryer

                            Henan Lantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are a professional food processing machine manufacturer. We produced lettuce drying machine, spinach drying machine, parsley dryer, mushroom dryer, red chilli drying machine, garlic dryer, ginger dryer machine, potato chips dryer machine and cassava chips dryer machine, which are have high quality and environmental protection products, and received unanimous praise.

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                            Lantian Machinery Factory

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