Blanching Machine

                            Blanching Machine

                            Product description

                            Panorama of blanching machine

                            Before materials drying, many materials are need to preprocessing. Our blanching machine can be used for materials such as leafy vegetables, so that it can maintain the original color and taste after drying. After blanching, the nutritional value and original material structure are well preserved.

                            Machines parameters
                            Parameters of blanching machine
                            Working principle
                            Working principle of blanching machine

                            The blanching machine integrates hot and cold, and the machine is equipped with a superheated steam generator. The boiler does not need boiler equipment. The machine protects the color and aroma of the material by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme, which is conducive to evaporation of water for subsequent drying and other processes. Provide better raw materials.

                            Machines features
                            Machines features of blanching machine

                            1. Do not need for boiler equipment and high pressure operation, safety and reliability.

                            2. The fuselage is made of food grade stainless steel, which is healthy and environmental friendly.

                            3. The original nutritional value of fruits and vegetables can be well preserved.

                            Machines details
                            Machines details of blanching machine
                            Widely used
                            Widely used of blanching machine

                            Company profile
                            Our company

                            Since the establishment of our company, we have strictly adhered to the principle of environmental protection and energy conservation. If you need a blanching machine or other food processing machinery, Lantian is a good choice for you.

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