Noodles Dryer

                            Noodles Dryer
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                            Pasta products are the main staple foods we eat every day. They are rich in carbohydrates and have a wide variety of foods, when they drying by Lantian Brand noodles dryer, gluten dryer, potato powder drying machine, materials can be easily stored. Our noodles dryer price is reasonable, and has been welcomed and loved by customers everywhere.

                            Structural Diagram and Parameters
                            Structual diagram of noodles dryerParameters of noodles dryer
                            Working principle
                            Working principle of noodles dryer

                            Lantian Brand noodles dryer used inverse Carnot principle and belong to air energy heat pump dryer, in the drying process, there is no need to burn coal. We only need to compress the air energy by using electric energy. Temperature and humidity in the drying room can be adjusted by PLC intelligent control panel, and the drying process is environmental protection and energy saving.

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                            Drying effect display
                            Drying effect of noodles dryer
                            Machines features
                            Features of noodles dryer
                            Customers site
                            Customer site of noodles dryer
                            Installing site
                            Installing site of noodles dryer

                            Our honor
                            Customers of noodles dryerLantian Machinery Factory

                            As a manufacturer of a food processing machines, Henan Lantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of environmental protection and energy-saving equipment, if you need noodles dryer, gluten dryer and potato powder drying machine, please contact us, we would like to provide you better service and detailed information.

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