Herb Drying Machine

                            Herb Drying Machine

                            Product description

                             Panorama of herb drying machine

                            Chinese medicinal materials are traditional Chinese medicinal materials, they have a long history in China for thousands of years, different kinds of medicinal materials have different uses for people's bodies. Henan Lantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  produced nutmeg dryer, betel nut dryer machine and turmeric drying machine and other herb drying machine, which are have good drying effect, and has been recognized and loved by customers all over the world.

                            Working principle

                            Lantian Brand ginseng dryer and goji berry drying machine are used inverse Carnot, and the heat energy in the drying room comes from the compressed air energy, it does not need to burn coal and other energy supply methods, the hot air circulation system to make the materials fully dry, save labor and time, improve work efficiency, and is highly praised and loved.

                            Herb drying machine structure diagram
                             Structure diagram of herb drying machine
                            Drying effect display
                             Drying effect of herb drying machine
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                            Machines features
                             Features of herb drying machine
                            Japan customer installing site
                             Installing site of herb drying machine
                            Customers site
                             Customers of herb drying machine
                            Drying process
                             Drying process of herb drying machine

                            After harvesting the herbal raw materials, they need wash by washing machine to wash away the dust like turmeric and ginseng, and before some medicines drying, they can slice by slicer machine to increase drying area and prove drying effect.

                            Our honor
                             Lantian Machinery Factory

                            Lantian Brand dryer machines have ISO high quality certification and EU CE certification, which have reasonable price and well received by customers, reliable quality worthy your trust.

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