Fruit Drying Machine

                            Fruit drying machine

                            Product description
                             Panorama of fruit drying machine

                            Fruit is an indispensable part of people's daily life, so we produced environmentally friendly and energy-saving Lantian Brand fruit drying machine, such as banana drying machine, apple drying machine and date palms drying machine, which can dry kinds of fruits, and keeps edible nutrition well. All of dryer machines are have good quality and stable performance, and loved by many customers from many countries.

                            Structure diagram
                             Structure diagram of fruit drying machine

                            Lantian Brand apricot drying machine and grape drying machine can be customized according to the needs of customers. There are three kinds of conventional models. Customers can choose the right drying room according to their actual situation.

                            Working principle
                             Working principle of fruit drying machine

                            Our date palms drying machine manufactured and developed by Henan Lantian used the inverse Carnot principle, they are no need to burn coal and other energy supply modes, the electric energy is used to drive the compressor, the air energy can be converted into the high temperature condition required in the drying room, and the hot air circulation system is circulated and dried, and the machine is controlled by the PLC intelligent control panel, intelligently adjusts the drying time, saves labor, and has high drying efficiency, which is very popular and favored by customers at home and abroad.

                            Drying effect display
                             Drying effect of fruit drying machine

                            Lantian Brand apple drying machine can also dry kinds fruits, and have good drying effect.


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                            Machines features
                             Features of fruit drying machine
                            Customers site
                             Customers sites of fruit drying machine

                            Turkish customers use our dryer to dry grapes on the spot. The drying effect is very good. It has been welcomed and loved by customers from many countries.

                            Installing site
                             Installing site of fruit drying machine

                            Our dryer machines are have high quality and just price, machines have appearance patent, and also have a series high quality certification, when customers received machines, customers  feedback the installing site.

                            Drying process
                            Fruits drying processing

                            Before fruits drying, they need washing by fruits washing machine, like apple, grape and apricot, and some of them have fruit cores, It is necessary to use the pitting machine, otherwise some fruit cores with certain characteristics will destroy the drying effect and nutritional value. After washing and pitting, some materials such as apple and banana need slice with a fruit slicer to facilitate flattening on the tray, make sure achieve better effect.

                            Customers photos
                             Customers of Lantian

                            Our dryer machine are sold to overseas and loved by many customers from many countries, Henan Lantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional dryer machine supplier, welcome to consult and purchase.

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